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Range of slate urns and planters from left 80cm diameter 80cm high, 60cm diameter x 80cm high, 60cm diameter x 60cm high, 45cm diameter x 45cm high, classical 75cm high x 45cm x 45xm: This range we also do in the lighter onyx material

Our slate urns and planters are handcrafted using the same technique that has been used to build dry stone walls for many years. The pieces of slate that are to create the urns are all unique, this makes the shape of each urn and planter different.

The outside layer is made up of natural reclaimed slate which is then set into a cement inner lining - this makes the collection frost resistant and suitable for all weathers. Whether you plant with a contemporary planting pallet, or a more formal one, you can be sure to achieve a sophisticated aesthetic with one of these ornamental slate planters or urns.

Urns and planters can be purchased in one of the standard sizes listed below, or made bespoke to requirements. When planted up, these pieces are great for filling small or awkward spaces, or to soften hard lines. Alternatively, use 2 as a pair to set off an entrance or front door.


Sizes available:

Natural Slate Water Features


Range of slate balls which can be bought just as the handcrafted slate ball or with one of our matching bases in round or square shape 50cm dia, 60cm dia, 70cm dia, 90cm diam, 1m dia, 1.2m dia

The reclaimed slate water features and bird baths bring a theme of natural sophistication to any garden or patio, whether it is at your home, or as a statement piece in a commercial setting.


Slate Water Features

As with the urns and planters, our slate water features are handcrafted using the same technique that has been used to build dry stone walls over the centuries. The outside layer is made up of natural slate which is then set into a cement inner lining. This makes the pieces frost resistant and hard wearing in all seasons.

Water features are available in three forms including pump.

Large scale, full installation is available as shown in image below

The tranquillity of cool, clear water in an outside space refreshes the soul and is a superb tool for relaxation. Couple this with the gentle flutter of wings and you’ve immediately created a serene, soothing outside space.

Our handmade slate water features each have their own unique character and charm which is guaranteed to spark interest in your garden. A small pool of water sitting in a deep grey slate bowl takes on a pleasing dark glimmer and an interesting depth that draws in the eye.

Standard sizes are available, however, commissions for custom pieces can be discussed with Tristan.

Sizes available:

90cm diameter slate ball water feature with a 1.3m diameter round base at Chelsea Flower Show.

Please email: or phone 07917320572 for prices and bespoke designs.

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